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My books are all in progress—ARE YOU EMPOWERED??? the BASICS is scheduled to be released for publication in late 2014—the others expected to be published sometime during 2015 and 2016.

For a full description of each of my works use the link on the far left to access my publisher's website.

ARE YOU Empowered??? the BASICS by Cynthia Lynn is a print book scheduled to be released sometime in late 2014

This "NEVER OUT OF DATE" definitive E-book Paris travel Guide title is "tongue in cheek" and "pokes fun" at guides with "lists of hotels that must be updated every year" and readers have to buy "over and over again" just to get the latest information.

Once again this is a "NEVER OUT OF DATE" definitive E-book Rome travel Guide with a "tongue in cheek" title that "word plays and pokes fun" at guides with "lists of hotels that need to be updated every year" and readers have to buy "over and over again" just to get the latest information.



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I am a member of Authors Guild and my websites + maintained by Authors Guild are listed in Google and Yahoo plus other search engines.

My newest book Are You Empowered??? the Basics scheduled to be published by CynthiaLynnBookWorks is expected to be released for sale by the end of 2014—use the "Quick Link" at the top of the far left column to access my publisher for information about all my pending works.

In the past I was a travel stringer for industry publications and wrote special interest features as a freelance writer/​stringer for Weeklies, my travel updates have been distributed to NPR stations, and I've contributed to a number of travel related books and publications. My print travel guides are in libraries worldwide (WorldCat.Org). The first print travel guide No More Hotels In Paris was followed by No More Hotels In Rome, the many excellent reviews include "Library Journal" and "Philadelphia Inquirer" .

I write Tumblr and Blogspot blogs with "no specific blogging schedule"—the many blogs I write explore directions I have an interest in—see the center of this page for the links.

Other memberships and affiliations I have include: Travel Institute Certified Travel Consultant (CTC), Art Students League (life member). My former company Leisure Market Productions was a member of Florida Motion Picture and TV Academy—I am hoping at some point in time to revive the production company in New York State and produce movies featuring CynthiaLynnBookWorks novels.

Cynthia Lynn in Le Havre on the 2013 European update tour

Cynthia Lynn seeks the latest travel information for her E-book hub city travel guide series NO MORE HOTELS ™ readers

Cynthia Lynn at the 2013 Book Expo.