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March 8, 2014

Tags: Cynthia Lynn's blogs run the gamut, the meanings of words, travel info you can trust, the politics of speaking out loud, the Paris mystic ghostly Max, and the haunted Clarissa Max

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choosing a "write" word

July 9, 2013

Tags: a play, words

there is no "write" or "wrong" word, words are plays of emotions that contain a certain subjective verbal communication, check out my momma don't got no clothes blog at http://www. to read those words that have all kinds of meanings...

The Haunting and Paradise Taxi E-book version (Smashwords Edition ISBN 9780989053600)

July 4, 2013

Tags: E-book, The Haunting And Paradise Taxi, at Itunes

now Itunes at the Apple store features my novel in E-book version, read it and enjoy, what readers and reviewers have said about this novel, read about another kind of destiny, a mystic meeting, and the haunting that awaits the heroine, Clarissa Max, who serendipitously finds herself in Florida Cracker country...

this write word blog takes a nostalgic "google map" walk...

June 8, 2013

Tags: rue Paradise, coincidence, time machine

...recently I told a good friend of mine about the last time I visited Nice, France, and mentioned where I stayed, la rue Paradise and the coincidence that 4 years later, in 2012, I would publish my first novel, THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI...

and my friend found the google map walk—5 years later, (more…)

the mysterious Max blogs (she haunts Clarissa Max in THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI and J. R. Camelback's trilogy THE GHOSTLY AND PARADISE TAXI

May 29, 2013

Tags: Victor Hugo and a haunting, mystic connections

this is Max, I refuse to be dead and I expect that Clarissa Max and me will share our joint destiny, we have a special mystic connection that I am currently unable to reveal, but here in Paris there is Victor Hugo, the deceased (to the world of the living) French writer who is (more…)

Clarissa Max, heroine of THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI and J. R. Camelbacks trilogy THE GHOSTLY AND PARADISE TAXI, blogs blog

May 28, 2013

Tags: Clarissa Max blogs, temporarily taking over, Cynthia Lynn's blog "the write word", a haunting moves to Paris

I'm Clarissa Max and I've decided to blog about myself, I am a heroine of Cynthia Lynn's creation, I arrived in Citrusville via serendipity, but I'm in Paris now because I am fulfilling my destiny and Paradise Taxi has come to take me here, I've rented an apartment from Marge Filthner, the famous Lesbian (more…)

new works on my agenda are the E-book travel series NO MORE HOTELS™

February 18, 2013

Tags: <i> NO MORE HOTELS IN PARIS</i> the definitive Paris guide in all E-book formats

Cynthia Lynn is working on manuscripts for the E-book travel guide series NO MORE HOTELS™...the first E-book is NO MORE HOTELS IN PARIS (more…)

travel books by Cynthia Lynn now in libraries world worldwide

February 18, 2013

Tags: Cynthia Lynn's books, in libraries worldwide

According to, Cynthia Lynn's travel books are in libraries world wide, LLS Wire to Libraries carry Cynthia Lynn's press releases...

now many E-book versions of THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI

February 18, 2013

Tags: now many E-book versions of THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI

the many E-book versions of THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI now include Smashwords Edition distributed to Apple, Sony, (Nook), Kobo ...


February 4, 2013

Tags: more about THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI isbn 9780615685434 book promotion

THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI (display ad) in the March 3, 2013 "THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW"—bookstores like Awesome Book, Pittsburgh and The Booksellers of Laurelwood in Memphis plus others around USA are helping to promote THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI, also available for sale at online retailers Barnes & (more…)

CynthiasLynnBookWorks has agreed to \publish my hub city E-book No More Hotels in Paris and I am currently writing the manuscript.

This E-book hub city definitive Travel Guide series NO MORE HOTELS™ is a play on words that poke fun at the usual print guides with lists of "recommended" hotels that must be updated every year but not if there are still last years books to sell...