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I write informational books about budget living well, my informational books honed into the best comfort travel values are in libraries worldwide (, No More Hotels In Paris is in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress. My newest budget living well book Are You Empowered???-the Basics was published by Daccord Press on March 29, 2015

CTC Cynthia Lynn seeks the latest travel information for her consumer travel blog and travel topics for her informational travel books

celebrating another birthday at Rockefeller Center's Tree with well-known Authors Guild author Ron Leshnower

Cynthia Lynnís publisher Daccord Press released her book for publication March 29,2015, and she is at the penthouse restaurant of the Metropolitan Museum in NYC celebrating with her friend Ron Leshnower the well known Fair Housing blogger and author of the print book Fair Housing Helper for Apartment Professionals now for sale as a Kindle on


IBPA member showcase BEA 2015 ARE YOU EMPOWERED???-the Basics recipient of a 5* MIDWEST Editorial Review distributed through Ingram Content Group is a Daccord Press 2015 lead titleóuse QUICK LINKS on the right of this website to find 5* Review & where to buy

The latest terrors in a global world that is in chaos with terror lurking when least expected has given Cynthia Lynn a pause during this time to revise the destination travel book hub city concept, and to feature a new format that concentrates on international cities that are terror safe in countries that border globally recognized destinations.

Cynthia Lynn in front of her Naples hotel Palazzo Turchini where personalized service is an art and staying at this restored former palace at the port is "comfort travel at less $"

Cynthia Lynn in Le Havre on the 2013 European update tour

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