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Cynthia Lynn is busy writing books but she's taking on topical news about FOIA and US spook agency overreach in Kindle eBook TAKING THE QUEEN - a Caper ISBN 9780989053624, under the J. R. Camelback pseudonym, to be published in mid-2020 by Indie small press Daccord Press, with publication on KDP's Kindle platform.

Another Cynthia Lynn pseudonomous fiction future project, which is in-between her regular blogging efforts (see right hand side of this website for blog links), a Kindle eBook to be published in 2021 by Indie Daccord Press, the pseudonymous author is CL Bee, with a book entitled, The Ghostly and Paradise Taxi, featuring the same characters and theme, as borrowed from the published (in 2013) but no longer in print and now remaindered, THE HAUNTING and Paradise Taxi by Cynthia Lynn. 


Borrowed characters come back to life in what CL Bee calls the "in-between life."  CL Bee's book has a metaphysical theme, and begins in Paris at one of the ghostly Victor Hugo's sceances then the plot includes these characters existing again to help the heroine, Maxine, determine if she is a ghostly condemned to exist only in an in-between life.

Cynthia Lynn's soon to be published Kindle eBook is updated for Virus and Post Virus from the 2015 5* reviewed by prestigious Midwest Review print book ARE YOU EMPOWERED - the Basics buy an advance copy at
The latest terrors in a global world that is in chaos with terror lurking when least expected has given Cynthia Lynn a pause during this time to revise the destination travel book hub city concept, and to feature a new format that concentrates on international cities that are terror safe in countries that border globally recognized destinations.
Cynthia Lynn in Naples May 2017