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My newest book Are You Empowered???-the Basics was published by Daccord Press on March 29, 2015—use the "Quick Link" in this column below the photos for access to my publisher re more in depth information about all my pending works.

award winning author Ron Leshnower celebrates the publication of a hard cover for his award winning soft cover book and takes me on a rainy day sightseeing tour of NYC's Christmas windows after a sumptuous and excellent lunch in honor of my birthday

Cynthia Lynn’s publisher Daccord Press released her book for publication March 29,2015, and she is at the penthouse restaurant of the Metropolitan Museum in NYC celebrating with her friend Ron Leshnower the well known Fair Housing blogger and author of the print book Fair Housing Helper for Apartment Professionals now for sale as a Kindle on

Cynthia Lynn in Le Havre on the 2013 European update tour

CTC Cynthia Lynn seeks the latest travel information for her consumer travel blog (see hyperlinks listed beloe main column on the right

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The 5* Editorial Review MIDWEST REVIEW for ARE YOU EMPOWERED???-the BASICS says "Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, practical, candid, informed and informative. Especially accessible and recommended for non-specialist general readers seeking to improve the quality of their lives and life experiences, as well as community library Self-Help/​Self-Improvement collections," this is a book I'm particularly proud of, now consumers all over the world living in democratic countries will know how to use their money for a better life style with a step by step plan for "ACTION" + they will have the tools they need to demand that their country grant consumer protections and allow access to government sites that can enable them to query their elected representatives to act and pass laws for consumer protections. The QUICK LINK on the far left access my publisher's website.

I have traveled and lived overseas in democratic and non-democratic countries where there is no encouragement by citizens for informational websites about consumer protections, and I know currently overseas Internet search engines aren't showing the ways and means each government department can be contacted, nor are there ad sponsored informational websites with "how-to" expert articles. This book gives both readers in the USA and overseas specific examples of what is available in the USA for consumer regulation and protections via government websites and Internet search engines + the many ways to control their income for a better life style.

And I am happy to report that "preview" participant readers indicated this book should be at the top of the list of "inspirational" and "motivational" books to buy when seeking to improve the quality of life. One reader indicated that he believes those EMPOWERED with "financial acumen" have the ability to make anything possible. "Her book is a must read for everyone who is too busy or too broke to take a break and enjoy life." Another reader noted that too often it is the well-to-do and too busy to take care of their money depending on "financial managers" who experience a disaster and though she isn't in that situation she intends to learn how better manage her money to enjoy life to its fullest.

The NO MORE HOTELS print book travel series I conceived is in progress, and I will be reporting on selected travel scenes in my travel blog (see hyperlinks below). The process of research for accuracy of the facts that my readers expect from my books is time consuming, and my latest "non-traditional" travel book is my first hub city travel guide with the theme "never out of date." No More Hotels In Paris is a depreciating reference to those well-known out of date travel guides with lists of hotels and restaurants, and will be published by Daccord Press in late-2016. In 2016, I will also be promoting my series on UTube with Travel Updates ™ much as I did on NPR participating stations during the many years my first solo "non-traditional" very popular travel guide NO MORE HOTELS IN PARIS: How To Find Alternative Accommodations , which is still a mainstay for travelers to Paris who want to to experience another side of Paris that only the Parisians know. My latest "non-traditional" travel guide will be a unique hub city series print book. I write for travelers who want the insiders view of every city they visit and they want to do with the assurance that they don't have to carry a travel guide with them, nor do they need to have an e-reader to access ny guides. I'm betting on getting ahead of the competition, now is the right time for a unique 21st century "non-traditional" travel guide, and my unique "never out of date" print travel guides will be a first. The series publisher Daccord Press distributes globally through Ingram to reach a 21st century global audience both brick front booksellers and kiosks.


beginning November 2015 the blogs noted below will resume