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Cynthia Lynn seeks the newest travel destinations for her readers

Cynthia Lynn in Le Havre October 6, 2913 on the last leg of her European update 24 day tour

My writing experience as a journalist includes specializing in travel writing and special interest features, my travel updates have been distributed to NPR stations, and I've contributed to a number of travel related books and publications. THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI published in 2013 was a prime selection Smashwords edition E-book (see my home page for more information).

I am now a publisher member of IBPA with the imprint CynthiaLynnBookWorks to publish writers of digitally driven and technology influenced print fiction.

And I'm excited about my CynthiaLynnBookWorks projects. Thanks to 21st century technology the digital print on ON DEMAND process we use is even better than the traditionally published book and at a lower cost, which allows readers to buy color enhanced books at a very reasonable price. The fiction writer J. R. Camelback, a summa cum laude English major is now writing the version 2 of a trilogy based on my unpublished manuscripts. Look for THE GHOSTLY AND PARADISE TAXI to be available sometime in late 2014.

My print travel guides are now in libraries worldwide (WorldCat.Org). The first print travel guide No More Hotels In Paris was followed by No More Hotels In Rome, the many excellent reviews include "Library Journal" and "Philadelphia Inquirer"

I am a member of Authors Guild, my websites are maintained by Authors Guild and listed in Google and Yahoo plus other search engines. The website cynthialynn.org offers updates about my current and past directions. The website nomorehotels.org features my E-book travel guide series NO MORE HOTELS ™.

In January of 2014, I joined the Independent Publishers Association (IBPA) as the publisher Cynthia Lynn and the CynthiaLynnBookWorks is our fiction imprint.

I also have become a blogger with no specific blogging schedule to engage with online readers who enjoy the topics I discuss, which are devoted to the many directions that I have explored over the years. Google's blogspot is where I offer my expertise re current trends and hazards that affect travelers, words that have a variety of meanings and may be pertinent to current events, also an opinion based thinking out loud, as well as blogs that are ongoing: the fictional Max who is a ghostly Paris mystic with regrets and Clarissa Max who is stuck in a limbo of the past because she fears the future. The Tumblr blogs are from the Epson notebook files of Paris tales told by the ghostly Max and Clarissa Max. See my home page for a complete blog list.

Other memberships and affiliations I have had and may still have include: Certified Travel Consultant (CTC), Art Students League (life member). My former company Leisure Market Productions was a member of Florida Motion Picture and TV Academy.

Cynthia Lynn at 2013 Book Expo.

THE HAUNTING And Paradise Taxi is in the American Library Association's 2013 Annual "Print Book Showcase" catalogue.

J. R. Camelback's trilogy will be the first fiction work published by CynthiaLynnBookWorks.


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without bothering with the APPS that can track you and take way your privacy, this Paris travel guide utilizes the wonders of E-book digital technology to bring readers directly to the online Internet websites that I used to research and provide instant updates to the latest information that will allow the reader to arrive like a Paris native who knows just where to go and how to get to wherever they want to be.
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...a fun loving under thirty single female reporter who loses a good life in the big apple city thanks to a pink slip, Clarissa Max, tells a story about a haunting via a mystic spinning of fateful threads that takes place before the economic boom of the 1990's and after serendipity lands her in the northwest central Florida cracker antecedent town of Citrusville during the rainy season......her tale begins at Ed's Diner, the meeting place for an aging Cracker clientele who trade stories about the fate of sinners that won't change their ways, Letty Lovelace, a retiree on a quest for a man who is a traveling companion and a fiercely independent snowbird from New Jersey introduces a friend called Max who is the catalyst for a change and a haunting that propels Clarissa towards another kind of destiny...see the link at the right side of this page for more...
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