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Cynthia Lynn has cancelled her unique destination travel book hub city concept, and she's not planning any time soon to resume writing a new travel book.  For the foreseeable future there is a pandemic in a global world and no one is certain when countries will open their borders to travel.


Cynthia Lynn's prestigious Midwest Review's 5 star Editorial review was awarded to her print book. 


Updated a living well self-help eBook

Are You Empowered-Updated -Virus and Post Virus - The Basics   ISBN 978-0-9890536-1-7

published by Daccord Press with a new cover + updated questions and answers about government help + internet websites that inform re  basic issues like credit card rights/debit cards.


Cynthia Lynn's self-help book is currently available for sale exclusively at all Amazon.com sites worldwide ASIN B08DKK51QW.

learn about how to update a lifestyle upended by circumstances beyond control, based on Cynthia Lynn's personal experience, she tells the reader how to make lemonade out of lemons.

International mystery crime genre Kindle eBook
Taking The Queen - a Caper - Book 1 Prometheus Foster Series by J. R. Camelback,
the plot informs the reader about the Freedom Of Information Act and USA spook agency overreach.
Kirkus and Booklife Editorial reviews say:  "...Camelback presents an ambitious and intriguing plot over the course of this novel..." - Kirkus Indie Review 
"This spy novel has a compelling premise involving international criminals, a security and technical convention, and an FBI-led entrapment plot...with intriguing results." - Publishers Weekly Booklife Prize Critics report 

This is J. R. Camelback's Book 1 in the Amazon PROMETHEUS FOSTER series, Book 2 of this Kindle eBook series, The Wuhan Puzzle, is expected to be ready for publication in late 2021. 

This paranormal/supernatural romance genre Kindle eBook is in draft, but is currently expected to be completed by late 2021 and published by Daccord Press.


The Ghostly and Paradise Taxi Book 1 Ghostly and Paradise Taxi series by CL Bee, features some of the fascinating characters borrowed from Cynthia Lynn's remaindered, THE HAUNTING and Paradise Taxi, and the borrowed characters are added to some new characters, all coming back to life in what CL Bee calls the here in now, also, there are others who make their appearance in what our debut author identifies as a another very unsatisfactory life, these are Ghostly in-between two worlds, the living and the dead.