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Cynthia Lynn's book is the best "reference keeper" for Kindle users, for mobile phone users a ready reference to keep permanently in the Kindle digital library during these times of uncertainty, how-to keep finances in good shape, shift for inflation, make the most out of your money, win those unfair overcharges with the information to make lemonade out of the inevitable financial lemons, you can count on Cynthia Lynn to write lifestyle books that are timeless.


The Ghostly and Paradise Taxi Book 1 Ghostly and Paradise Taxi series by CL Bee features some of the fascinating characters borrowed from Cynthia Lynn's remaindered novel, THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI, the familiar Max is a Ghostly in-between two worlds of the living and the dead, Cynthia Max discovers love with the "Marlboro man" reboots in a Paris, Max and Clarissa see a Paris of discoveries, they meet many new characters including Victor Hugo.


Kindle eBook Amazon sales ranking Magical Realism 26,000, Inspirational romance 20,000, published in January of 2022 by Daccord Press, editorial review "Kirkus Reviews" praises this book:  "...an interesting creative concept...remarkable people living remarkable lives..."


2 five star rating Kindle customer reviews praise this book, too.



Investigative reporter Prometheus Foster and his sleuthing partner Smarty Jason, a recurring character from the series, find warning the world about the likelihood of a global pandemic turns into a matter of life and death for those they love. Like the first book of this series, the second book of the Prometheus Foster series THE WUHAN PUZZLE. is an international crime espionage thriller with a political intrigue of retaliation against all who seek the truth.